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Mar. 8th, 2010 @ 03:03 am Beige Alerts And Uncertainties
Guinea Pig Emissary
Silver Squirrel
Current Mood: uncomfortableUnfocused
Current Music: "Apologize" -- One Republic
After a month hiatus from updating, primarily from a lack of motivation in composing anything here, I figure I might as well maximize my insomnia time and put forth some attention to my neglected journal. For the most part, I've refrained primarily because recent events have either been unresolved or unpleasant, and having them resurface here would just ruin my denial... though I suppose it's more of a cognitive dissidence thing than actual denial if I'm conscious of it in the first place.

Fortunately, not everything has been negative or tentative. All of the guinea pigs are doing well, and since I just cleaned their cage the other day, they have the opportunity to enjoy their ultra-absorbent epic bedding; epic not only because of the quality, but because it's purple in color. Also, I've had a few opportunities to interact with some friends in Davis as well as Sarah and J in Sacramento, so my socialization hasn't been limited solely to rodents and my much less charismatic coworkers.

Speaking of work, funding for the academic year after next seems highly unlikely, and as such, I probably won't be in the same research position the summer after this one. Additionally, I'm not quite certain about the funding for this upcoming academic year, and so most of the researchers might be transferred to part time. Though I'd likely prefer working fewer hours, any potential decrease in salary could be devastating. At the moment, my income barely exceeds my expenses even without any dramatic unexpected bills; so I'd either have to get a completely different job, an additional job, find a roommate, and/or move to a different place. Even if I don't have an ideal job, I do enjoy research; it's sufficiently stimulating and the academic setting is appealing. The somewhat flexible hours are a plus as well, so despite not being paid as much as I could likely earn elsewhere, having catatonic coworkers as the main complaint really isn't that bad at all. Unless I can somehow acquire one of those elusive positions as a Lottery Winner, Demigod, or independently wealthy Socialite, hopefully I won't have to look elsewhere for employment. I have been offered similar positions elsewhere, but most of them are extremely distant and not necessarily places where I would want to be anyway. As such, I'd probably end up isolated and reclusive, spending all my time talking to guinea pigs and collecting my nails in a jar. As for roommates, I don't know anyone specifically that needs a room, and I'm not really inclined to look for people randomly and find more strange Russian guys after my potatoes and other strange characters. Really, an ideal living situation would be living by myself, but next door to friends and such.

Hopefully I'll find out soon so that I can know about my living situation as well as my job situation; I anticipate having an answer for both this upcoming academic year and the next soon, so that's encouraging anyway. Otherwise, I've been extremely distracted and unable to focus, possibly because there are so many uncertainties. Davis, for as much as I enjoy it, has felt slightly claustrophobic at times, but hopefully that will change with an improvement in the weather as well, making mobility more pleasant and easier. Regardless, things have just been more nebulous than I like, and somewhat monotonous to a certain degree... sort of like I'm stuck somewhere between purgatory and a beige alert. Perhaps if I attempt to sleep again instead of ramble aimlessly, my outlook will improve.
Jan. 22nd, 2010 @ 04:14 am I Imagine Hedonism Bot Is Always Well Rested
Guinea Pig Emissary
Orange Squirrel
Current Mood: blankUnknown Sample
Current Music: "Listen To Your Heart" -- Roxette
For the tenth consecutive night, I find myself unable to fall asleep before 4:00 in the morning. However, especially since household chores is even more unappealing at this time than they are during the daylight hours, it does permit me the opportunity to compose another journal update, which is woefully overdue. I would had submitted an entry much earlier, but I never found the catalyst or impetus to start it until tonight. My hope is that, instead of resorting to some pharmaceutical intervention, I might exhaust myself into the land of unconsciousness through some disjointed rambling and self-indulgent reflections.

Recent events have been rather uneventful for the most part; with the exception of a brief visit by Sarah and J last weekend, and a few dinners with my Davis friends Kay and Austin, my time has mostly been allocated to work, errands/chores, guinea pig time, and of course, WoW. Excluding the adventures in Northrend and rodent reveries, the uninterrupted cycle of work on campus followed by work at home has definitely affected my motivation. When virtually all of the things that need to be done are under-stimulating, it's far easier to neglect them. Sadly, the lack of daily accomplishments frustrates me, only adding to the lack of motivation and effervescence. I wonder if I should be concerned about attributing adjectives to myself often reserved solely for carbonated beverages and stomach soothing tablets? Fortunately, the negligence never lasts so long that the obstacle becomes insurmountable, but psychologically, it's certainly not an ideal place to be.

I suppose the lack of motivation is a systemic effect of a dormant cause which occasionally becomes active in such mundane times; the concern that my universe will become so small and confined that I will become crushed within it. The weather this week certainly hasn't helped the situation; such saturation is completely unacceptable unless a tarp and explicit scandalous behavior is involved. Instead of a linear progression of events and experiences, this week has felt more like a fragmented montage of events placed on a recurring loop... with a gloomy aquatic theme courtesy of the storms. Of course, I've managed to find some briefly entertaining distractions, but until I can acquire a slave laborer, a sugar mama/daddy, or a lucrative position as lottery winner, the obligations of capitalism and domesticity still seem to emerge and disappoint. Lately, I've experienced many of the disadvantages of corporeal existence with few of the advantages; I should either start living my life more like Hedonism Bot or convert my consciousness into some form of non-corporeal energy; perhaps I'll live in the Celestial Temple with the other wormhole aliens.

Then again, the Celestial Temple is quite a long-distance move, and where would I put the pigs and all my random art? Feeling trapped between work and home has made me consider moving somewhere far away, somewhere that would be affordable enough to purchase a house rather than be subjected to the whims of landlords and overpriced housing. Although I would still have regular interaction through WoW with many of my friends, I know being more geographically distant from friends would only enhance the issue. Besides, most affordable places have horrible winters, and the thought of any weather more severe sounds lethal. Besides, despite the relatively high cost of housing and the fact that the demographic is turning more into a game of blackjack -- anything over 21 is a bust -- Davis is still an awesome place to be. Plus, it's relatively close to a considerable number of my closest friends.

Upon reflection, this entry seems more negative and over-dramatic than I intended, and more so than it needs to be to paint an accurate picture of recent events. I suppose the cruel mistress of Insomnia will do that; if Insomnia were a raid boss, I sadly lack the cooldowns necessary to divert aggro to someone more resilient in such nocturnal matters. Nevertheless, I do now feel sufficiently tired to attempt sleep again. Fortunately, I don't have an exceptionally early or lengthy workday tomorrow, so I should be reasonable cogent tomorrow. Until then though, I believe that's all for now.
Jan. 5th, 2010 @ 02:19 pm December Reflections And January Intentions
Guinea Pig Emissary
Athena Party Pig
Current Mood: curiousSpace Goat
Current Music: "Touched By The Hand Of God" -- New Order
My first entry for the new decade should had been earlier in the year, but I've had the immense pleasure of associating with friends and engaging in miscellaneous fun times for the first few days of January. However, now that the Winter Break is over and I'm back at work, I now have an ideal opportunity to update.

The holidays with my family were pleasant for sure, and although I enjoyed the experiences, it just reaffirmed the fact that I could never live with my relatives again. There weren't any considerable conflicts, but our schedules and leisure activities are too dramatically different to coordinate well. I imagine this was further accentuated with my grandparents' presence, as they tend to sleep from 9:00 in the evening until 4:30 in the morning. Additionally, I'm also reminded that, despite the slightly quirky nature of Sonoma, it's far too isolating and under-stimulating for me to stay there for any extended period of time. However, it was great seeing my father and that side of the family on Christmas Eve, and my mother's side of the family on Christmas Day. Plus, all the pigs came with me, so I didn't have to worry about them during my visit.

The slight discomfort of Sonoma itself made hanging out with friends on the 26th even more phenomenal; however, it does also reinforce the tragic nature that I only see many of my friends once a year for such a short period of time. Then again, despite many of my friends being scattered about the planet in various geographic locations, it's encouraging that not only am I able to remain in communication with them, but that I'm still able to see them in person as well -- it makes a personal universe which seems like it's constantly shrinking and collapsing less restrictive and more resilient.

Fortunately, more fun times with distant friends were had over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Surprisingly though, I was the only one to consume a significant amount of alcohol, and although I initially thought my consumption was within tolerable limits, I later discovered that the combination of Kahlua, vodka, champagne, and a workout routine orchestrated by Ken would yield explosive results. Not to worry though, for I felt immediately better after coming to this conclusion.

I often refrain from making any sort of official New Year's resolutions out of fear that once I articulate them and implement them, they will feel like obligations and I will end up resenting them. Instead, I do have specific tasks which I would like to accomplish, as well as general guidelines to follow in order to enrich my life; however, I think I will adhere to the general guidelines just through my daily behaviors and perhaps only address the specific tasks once they're completed, so that I can still get a sense of accomplishment without the lingering burden of things I have to do.

Well, sadly work calls again, and as such, I should be returning to those duties for the moment.
Dec. 21st, 2009 @ 11:53 pm You Can Never Have Too Many Slave Laborers
Guinea Pig Emissary
Silver Squirrel
Current Mood: blahAmorphous
Current Music: "Voices Carry" -- 'Til Tuesday
I had intended to update my journal far sooner than today, but the last two weeks have been unusually busy. Fortunately, courtesy of campus closures and mandatory furloughs, I don't have any work obligations from today until January 6th. Unfortunately, in order to accommodate the incoming workload, I had to do the work that would had normally been done in the latter part of the month in the beginning of the month. Regardless, as family and holiday obligations shouldn't be extremely time consuming, I should be able to enjoy my time away from work.

I will likely be in Sonoma from either the 23rd or 24th, likely until the 27th of December. Hopefully all my presents will arrive before I depart for Sonoma, as some of them are inexplicably delayed, probably because of uncooperative weather. If not, I suppose I can always mail them later, but it seems like a waste to mail things and then mail them again -- it's definitely not efficient, or erfficient, as my former landlord might say. Although it's a shame my aunt and uncle from Washington won't be visiting, it's probably for the best, as with all the other people around, had they been there as well, I probably would had been relegated to the couch in the livingroom... and with my grandparents waking up at 4:30 or so every morning, I would get even less sleep than usual. Besides, I saw my aunt and uncle this last weekend, as well as celebrated my birthday with my parents.

As for my birthday, it was definitely pleasant, and I appreciated the attention for sure. Though, the actual day of my birthday was rather mellow, but a day of raiding, guinea pig quality time, and watching Deep Space Nine can't be criticized too extensively, right?

Besides the all-consuming work, the only other noteworthy event that I can recall at the moment was Erin moving to her own place last weekend. Despite being the moistest move I've ever experienced, it was probably the easiest move I've experienced as well, in terms of the physical act of moving; it almost makes me want to dispose of all my art, furniture, and other miscellaneous physical goods... but then I'd be under-stimulated all the time. Plus, with barren white walls, my place would have too much of a sanitarium feel. Although it's unfortunate not seeing Erin as frequently, she seems content with her move, and her place is quaint for sure, so I approve overall. As for the now vacant bedroom, I'm not sure what to do with it yet... the thought of screening miscellaneous applicants in the vein of Russian potato man is extremely unappealing at the moment. I suppose I'll see if anybody I know is in need of the room before I decide what to do with it. Fortunately, I don't have to do anything with it, financially, even if my finances would benefit considerably by making some money off of it.

I'm looking forward to seeing friends in Sonoma, as well as out of state friends during New Year's Eve and Day. Sadly though, I probably should be departing and continuing with some woefully neglected errands and chores. Though, before I do, here are the answers to Sarah's questions for her meme entry:

Answers!!! Now with triple the enthusiasm!Collapse )
Dec. 4th, 2009 @ 04:16 pm Early December Ramblings
Guinea Pig Emissary
Orange Squirrel
Current Mood: anxiousBouncy Eyed Goat Head!
Current Music: "Colourless Colour" -- La Roux
After a three week hiatus, I finally feel inspired to use Livejournal again. Although I still find LJ to be the optimal medium for communicating any significant amount of information, I find it somewhat unappealing during times of low inspiration. However, that's not to say there haven't been any recent noteworthy events, just not many that have stimulated a response to articulate or share. Interestingly, I have been feeling slightly more reclusive than usual, probably as a culmination of geographic realities, impacted schedules, and holiday obligations both recent and upcoming.

Fortunately, I had a spectacular opportunity to be social during Sarah's movie premiere, as virtually everyone involved with the movie was present. Unfortunately, given the brevity of the event, and the large number of people there, I didn't have as much of an opportunity to interact with everyone as I would had preferred, but overall, I was thoroughly satisfied. Besides, the number of people being a curse is negligible in relation to it being a blessing of mass support to Sarah.

Thanksgiving was pleasant and relaxing, but perhaps somewhat too relaxing, as the relaxation descended into under-stimulation and boredom at times. Nevertheless, having Thanksgiving only with my mother and stepfather was far more rewarding than having it with my entire stepfather's family, which is what has happened in previous years. Though civil and generally friendly, most of them are either devout social and political conservatives (status quo Republicans) or agricultural enthusiasts (rednecks/hicks). As such, I find myself hesitant to engage them in any sort of conversation or share what I'm doing for fear of having to justify opinions and action repeatedly throughout the evening. Articulating the justification for a belief or behavior is important, having to do so repeatedly becomes more of a chore than an exercise in reaffirming philosophies. Basically, Thanksgiving was quaint, but I was pleased to return back to Davis with the guinea pigs and all my other domestic familiarities.

With the end of the academic quarter, and more so the end of the calendar year, my workload will likely increase exponentially in an attempt to satisfy ambitious goals put forth at the beginning of the quarter. Unlike other academic quarters, I always find the Fall quarter the most chaotic because it falls in conjunction with all the other holiday obligations I have. The one advantage of it is that my coworkers also have more work, which means they're less likely to drain my energies with their parasitic attempts at charisma and interpersonal communication.

In a way, I suppose their attempts to socialize are admirable, but even if their intentions should be applauded, their execution leaves much to be desired. I had Pandora playing at my office recently, and one of them asked me what was playing, which with most people, could lead to a moderately intriguing conversation about music. However, after a few futile minutes of attempting an engaging dialogue, the most interesting thing said was mild rhythmic syncopation and extensive vamping; sort of clinical when you think about it.

I have an ominous feeling that one of them wants to try to set me up on a blind date, simply because she is under the impression that being single and uninvolved is the most tragic thing ever, and that people who don't actively pursue relationships are either insecure or delusional. More unsettling than the judgmental and non-analytical nature of this belief would be the kind of person she would select based not only on her limited knowledge of me, but the fact that anyone who would voluntarily associate with her must have some type of severe psychological disorder.

Despite enjoying Davis thoroughly as a well-designed college town, I've contemplated moving recently, mostly due to its relative cost in comparison to surrounding areas, and the fact that, except for a few individuals, most of my friends live at least 20 miles or more away. The thought of physically moving to a new residence is exceptionally unpleasant, so I doubt it will happen any time soon unless I find employment elsewhere. Interestingly, I have an open invitation for a job with UC San Diego, but that seems like more of a dramatic and socially isolating move than I would want at the moment.

Well, the guinea pigs are wheeting, so I should probably tend to their needs. Besides, I've certainly rambled more than I should for a single journal entry.
Nov. 12th, 2009 @ 02:25 am The Internet Is The New Sleep
Guinea Pig Emissary
Silver Squirrel
Current Mood: awakeNot Sleeping
Current Music: "Leave No Deed Undone" -- Wolfsheim
Despite wanting to sleep at the moment, my body has other intentions at the moment, and until I can exert more authoritative control over my body, I might as well do something other than frustratedly stare at the darkened corridors of my room. I imagine that, in addition to the normal level of insomnia which regularly plagues my nocturnal behaviors, sleeping in today because of the holiday only further thrust my internal clock into discord. Perhaps I should engage in some intense physical labor before bed, or better yet, lose consciousness; a few seconds of passing out sleep is the equivalent of a few hours of conventional sleep, right?

Actually, I've been fairly domestic this week, and without acquiring some second-hand slave labor children or a veneer of entitled, upper-class frigidity a la Martha Stewart. Of course, there's still much cleaning to be done, but completing some of the woefully neglected household chores did give me a sense of accomplishment, as minuscule as it may be. Until the time I somehow acquire a job of lottery winner or trust fund socialite, along with their generous salaries, I can't completely neglect such chores.

Athena and Saffron appear to be adjusting well to the new guinea pig addition; at least from what I can determine, as I haven't noticed any fighting. Furthermore, the new guinea pig seems healthy and relatively content in her new surroundings, so it appears as though my willing rodent army has increased in numbers. Actually, the new guinea pig is exceptionally tame and will sit in my lap indefinitely; I'm hoping that's from contentment rather than paralyzing fear.

I had most of my MSF class during the Halloween weekend. The Friday before was the mind-numbingly dull classroom session, which basically consisted of 5+ hours of common sense questions I could had answered without any of the reading or videos. In fact, I probably could had passed the written test while blindfolded and on some sort of psychotropic drug. Saturday was the first riding session of the class, which was fine except for the militant and off-putting attitude of one of the instructors, whose philosophy was to yell at everyone for any minute error. I was supposed to have the second session that Sunday, but the instructor was sick and it's been rescheduled for this Sunday. Hopefully I won't forget all the experience I had a few weeks ago for Sunday, as it would be nice to pass and finally get my license. Besides, the further I wait, the colder it will get and the less inclined I'll be to complete it this year. If nothing else, at least I will have a motorized vehicle I can operate under the restrictive guidelines of the permit, but that's a lame consolation for having an actual motorized method of transit.

The weekends have been pleasant though. Excluding the severe exhaustion, Halloween was fun at Sarah and Justin's place. I did, in fact, go as a Gentleman from the silent Buffy episode, and pictures were taken which I'll share later once I see them. I wish I had more energy for the event though, as I wasn't feeling as vibrant as I would had liked. This last weekend, I ventured to Sonoma with Sarah to assist with publicity for the movie premiere, and random fun times were had for sure. However, this Saturday should be super exciting, both with the premiere and seeing so many people involved with the movie; I explode with anticipatory delight at the thought.

Raiding has been awesome; in addition to the main attraction of playing with friends, we finally completed one of the instances we were working on for awhile, and I got a sexy piece of much needed loot. It's a shame I can't get paid to raid, as work has been duller than usual lately. In addition to the lack of charisma exhibited by my coworkers, the research subjects have been rather mundane as well; it almost makes me long for the days of Pink Taco girl or Cupcake Brown.

In other randomness, it sounds like there's something nesting in our attic, as I've heard some late night scratching and scurrying. Perhaps it's coming from outside, on top of the roof, but that's unlikely. I suppose it could be the physical manifestation of a nesting metaphor, or even an occupation metaphor, but that seems more like a Stephen King plot than a plausible explanation for the noise.

Well, I think I'm going to attempt some sleep again... so that's all for now.
Oct. 28th, 2009 @ 02:27 pm Oomax For Some, Miniature Federation Flags For Others?
Guinea Pig Emissary
Gold Squirrel
Current Mood: busyI Work Hard For The Money!
Current Music: "The Sound Of The Crowd" -- Human League
Since I'm not inclined to venture outside with the heavy winds that has plagued Davis recently, and since I'm also looking for an excuse to procrastinate on other errands and chores, now seems like a worthwhile time for a journal update.

As I anticipated, the Covenant concert was immensely enjoyable, and although the DNA Lounge seems cramped for Deathguild, it wasn't too crowded for the concert. Also, of all the venues to see Siouxsan again, this one was probably the most appropriate. I would definitely see them again should they return, and hopefully next time, even more friends will be able to attend. Actually, I also had the opportunity to see Erin L. the evening before, as she was in town for a friend's wedding, so double my out-of-town friend fun.

Additionally, my friend fun hasn't been limited to just weekends, although this past weekend was also fantastic as Erin and I cooked Indian food for Sarah and J on Friday. On Monday, I saw Troupe Katie and her friend Sean, and just yesterday, I briefly saw Kati, so I call that a win. It's encouraging to see people regularly, as Davis has felt increasingly isolating with so many people having moved or plan to move out of the area.

Interestingly, this last week has been one of acquisition. As Lilly's father was traveling through Davis, he was able to drop off the motorcycle, so I finally have it in my possession. Hopefully I'll be able to operate it soon so it does more than take up space in the garage. Actually, I have the MSF class scheduled for this weekend, and while I'm excited to have one finally scheduled, I'm somewhat anxious about it as well, as I don't feel prepared having virtually no previous experience. Then again, the course is designed for people with no experience, so I suppose I shouldn't worry about it. Even if I don't pass the course, I can reschedule it again, and at least rescheduling in Woodland is far easier than in Sacramento.

Also, although a few weeks late of Unexpected Guinea Pig Multiplication Day, I recently acquired another guinea pig, which is why I saw Kati yesterday. Randy and Kati had three guinea pigs, but sadly, two of them died, leaving the one by herself. As they are social animals and happier in small groups, she asked if I would be interesting in adopting the third, and I accepted. Fortunately, it appears as though she gets along well with Athena and Saffron, so I imagine it's beneficial for everyone involved. With all of these recent acquisitions, I feel almost Ferengi; I'd request some oomax, but I doubt anyone would accept my invitation. That's okay, I've become quite accustomed to self-inflicted oomax over the years.

As for Halloween, since I was planning to be a Gentleman for Sarah's birthday party when the theme was Buffy/X-Files related, I might just do that, as I don't really have the time for much else. Hopefully I'll have the energy to celebrate with everyone, though I imagine my activities will be fairly low-key anyway. Not necessarily a costume note, but after Sarah was generous enough to cut my hair for me, I dyed it purple, but the purple has almost completely faded. So, unless coloring once a week sounds appealing, I'd recommend avoiding the purple Manic Panic dyes.

I'm sure there's plenty more to share, but I should be productive elsewhere, so I'll end this here.
Oct. 16th, 2009 @ 01:09 am Miniature Cones And Dandelion Greens
Guinea Pig Emissary
Athena Party Pig
Current Mood: awakeTired, But Awake
Current Music: "Pretty Mess" -- Vanity
Since sleeping seems unlikely at the moment despite being fairly exhausted, I thought I would use the time I would otherwise be attempting to sleep with increasing frustration and divert it toward a journal entry.

First of all, October 14th recently passed, and as memorialized in the Goths & Guns calendar, so did Unexpected Guinea Pig Multiplication Day. Of course, the more colloquial/informal name for October 14th is Athena's birthday. I attempted to locate a miniature cone-shaped party hat to commemorate the day in style, but sadly couldn't find anything size appropriate. Then again, few people appreciate the shape of a cone as much as I do, and I imagine the same is true for guinea pigs. The extra dandelion greens and timothy hay she received for turning three were well-received, so I call the celebration a win. I'd advocate some unexpected multiplication for my friends as well, but that might be unusually taxing; instead, perhaps the standard actions toward multiplication without the multiplication itself would suffice. Of course, Saffron got some extra spoiling as well, just for the sake of equality, as I don't know when her birthday is or how old she is -- my guess would be somewhere between four and five years of age.

Work has been acceptable overall. With the torrential rains on Tuesday, all of the sex workers I was scheduled to interview canceled, meaning that I could work completely from home. My guess is that the study didn't pay them the market value they normally would had received for getting that wet. Otherwise, the only noteworthy tidbit from work has been one interviewee who looked remarkably like Vanity circa 1984. I can appreciate the kitschy, retro styling, though I'm saddened by the fact that the overindulgent hair and worship of decadence so treasured in the 80s wasn't deliberate with this worker. I think she just threw together an outfit acquired from a bargain bin at a thrift store and failed to brush her hair for a few days.

My weekends have been and will be more noteworthy than usual. Last weekend, I went to Sonoma to celebrate my mother's birthday and my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. The weekend was pleasant, but not outrageous by any means. Then again, with most of my relatives, especially given that the majority of people around were in their 70s or 80s, I wouldn't expect anything outrageous. Although I applaud people married for such a monumental amount of time, it almost seems unfathomable, as marriage seems like such an exceptionally small likelihood for me at all, much less something that will endure 60+ years. Maybe I'll instead take note from the quintessential Crazy Cat Lady and become the Crazy Guinea Pig Man... I'm already crazy and I do have a few guinea pigs.

This upcoming weekend should be entertaining with Erin L. coming to visit on Friday and then Siouxsan the following day at the Covenant concert -- fun times abound. Plus, unlike last week when I had to pug, I can do the normal FORN Sunday raiding. Furthermore, I'll get to see J and Sarah again, I got to see Joey (who is fortunately much less unstable and far more awesome) last Monday, and I might see Troupe Katie next Monday or Tuesday. Wow, I actually feel popular without the need for denial or self-delusions; go me!

I was able to transfer my Sacramento MSF class to Woodland and called the Woodland office yesterday and left a message, so hopefully I'll hear back from them soon with an upcoming opening. Plus, Lilly's father might be able to bring the motorcycle to me in Davis, which would save everyone else a day's worth of driving. The thought of having a motorized vehicle again is super exciting, as I won't feel so trapped or limited to the confines of Davis, or so wholly dependent on others.

I also got my colored contacts yesterday, which should be fun to wear for some ocular variety. I have both a purple set and a turquoise set; perhaps I'll wear one of them tomorrow to see how they look. Maybe I can even use the purple ones for Halloween and go as a Vorta from DS9, as I don't have a costume in mind otherwise yet. However, I don't know how I would do the ears. Speaking of ears, I've been considering a piercing (with cones of course) or two for awhile now, but still haven't done that. I guess I'll just have to set a day and do it if I'm still interested.

Well, I think I've rambled sufficiently, perhaps I'll try to sleep once again... we'll see.
Oct. 4th, 2009 @ 09:24 pm What Would Freud Say About Salmon?
Guinea Pig Emissary
Orange Squirrel
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There are chores to be done, but as I've already been fairly domestic already, and as I've neglected my journal recently, I figure I will finally post an update. If nothing more, it will be a refreshing change from all the LJ-Facebook cross-posts which seem to dominate my Friends page.

I had the immense pleasure of seeing Arwen, Erin L., Gayle, and a few other friends whom I don't see as regularly as I should during Sarah's Star Trek: TNG party. I feel spoiled having seen Arwen twice already this year, with two other likely events before 2010. I greatly anticipate the Deep Space Nine version of the party, whenever that occurs, and hopefully I won't have a partial costume failure like I did for Data. Fortunately, I was still able to find something suitable, even if it weren't ideal. I've also been enjoying the regularity with which I've been having dinner at Sarah and Justin's place on Friday, especially since Potluck Fridays have been relegated to special occasions and other larger events. One of the major drawbacks of living in a college town is the nomadic/temporary nature of most of its residents; it's reassuring when I can still confirm I have friends nearby who haven't moved far away. I suppose, if nothing more, there's always Athena and Saffron, who both appear to be doing quite well with their wheeting and popcorning. Oh, and I can't forget the joy of WoW, which allows me to interact with all sorts of distant friends, even though the random number generator has not been my friend lately with the epic loot.

Work has still been busier than I'd like it to be, but still not as busy as it was during the summer thanks to the slave labor student interns. Plus, they offer a desperately needed infusion of personality and charisma into the otherwise stagnant landscape created by my coworkers. As the campus is generally on a hiring freeze for all non-vital personnel, the number of employees in my office seems to drop while the work itself does not decrease. However, it's certainly not to the point of being overwhelming, and besides, the fewer coworkers there to drain my effervescence, the better... at least from a psychological standpoint. Hopefully they'll be replaced with upgraded low-functioning androids, at least ones that, if lacking a personality, are more efficient than the standard human.

Courtesy of Ian, I recently started playing Diablo 2, which was enjoyable, although definitely awkward to maneuver after playing World of Warcraft for awhile. I appreciate the ominous music of Diablo 2, but the graphics make me appreciate that of WoW exponentially more. Sadly, as it appears as though work might be moving its weekly meetings back to Mondays, I'm not sure when I will have the privilege of playing with Ian, J, and Garrett. Hopefully the Monday meeting are temporary, and not a permanent change.

In other news, the contacts are working out well, so that's encouraging. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that colored contacts would be a slightly different prescription than the non-colored ones, so I don't have any fun colored ones yet. Still though, it's nice to see distance without having to wear glasses. I'm additionally pleased that my eyes weren't unusually sensitive or adverse to them, as my body seems otherwise temperamental recently, at least my skin does, especially around my forehead and such. Perhaps it's a reaction from the greasiness of my hair, even though I wash it daily; if I didn't, I'd probably look like I slept in a fast food deep fryer.

Although insomnia still abounds, I have been sleeping slightly better, enough to dream. Amusingly, I've had the usual intricate and unorthodox style of dreams, ranging from preparing salmon under a dilapidated circus tent filled with burnt-out artistic hippies and pubescent girls in bikinis to planting bombs in secret mental asylums where the nurses wrap rubber bands around guinea pigs. Generally, I have difficulty falling asleep rather than staying asleep, although this past week, I've been woken up twice by either the hippie neighbor playing some new age chants in her backyard or the screaming newborn of the neighbors. Fortunately, these have been infrequent, or I might steal the baby and give it to the hippie neighbor in hopes she will transform it in to some Burning Man style performance art sculpture, thusly silencing it in the process.

I think that's all for now... still haven't taken my MSF class, but hopefully I'll be able to do that in a few weeks to finally get that over with after six months of delays. I'd try for next weekend, but I have a family event that I'm obligated to attend; it should be pleasant overall, but just larger and more involved than I'd like it to be. Anyway, as I've sufficiently rambled, I'll stop here, hopefully to update again within a week or so rather than a month or so.
Sep. 10th, 2009 @ 01:41 pm Pfft, Meh, And Other Enjoyable Disaffectations
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I haven't updated my journal for awhile, partially because most recent events have felt rather routine and predictable, and partially because it seemed like Livejournal was conquered and assimilated by an army of Twitter feeds and other miscellaneous cross-posts. However, there have been a few noteworthy occurrences and other reflections recently, so not everything has been a Beige Alert.

With student interns back at work, I've had far less to do, which is definitely a plus. Additionally, although my interactions with the student interns isn't consistent, they do provide a desperately needed infusion of personality into the workplace environment. Overall, I would say that work has dramatically improved, except that Kaliri was offered a job in Norway that pays twice as much, and understandably, has decided to stay there rather than return here. Overall, the charisma quotient of my office has decreased slightly, but I've endured much less stimulating circumstances in the past, so like the disco song says, I will survive. If the thought of finding a new job weren't so daunting, I'd consider looking elsewhere myself, but the flexible schedule and general awesomeness of my job otherwise instill enough complacency for me to maintain the status quo.

Fortunately, there's been lots of stimulation otherwise, primarily on the weekends with friends, and even during the week with friends through the spectacular medium of WoW. Troupe Katie visited for a few days before her month-long European adventure, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Plus, I saw a variety of people during Erin L's pre-moving dinner, and Sarah and J three days in a row one week. Furthermore, with J's parents' housewarming dinner this weekend and Sarah's Star Trek party the following weekend (with Arwen coming to visit as well), there's lots of fun to be had on the horizon. Besides, if I'm ever exceptionally deprived of conversation, I can always talk with Athena and Saffron -- what they may lack in understandable content, they make up with style.

I've intermittently contemplated finding a regular vehicle so that I could leave Davis without the aid of public transportation, but I think that the motorcycle option is more appropriate, especially since I already own a motorcycle. However, I still have yet to take the MSF class in order to acquire my license. The problem with being on standby is that most of the times when they've had open spots, I've either been otherwise scheduled for work or some other event. Likewise, the times I've been free, there haven't been any openings. Plus, not having any way to get to the classes myself, it's difficult to ensure my attendance with such little notice, as I have to make sure I have a way to get there for all of the classes. Oh well, perhaps I should just pay the extra fee to solidify a date I know will work for everyone potentially involved, as I'd like to get my license before the weather becomes too cold and unpredictable.

In other randomness, I have an appointment with my optometrist for contact lenses tomorrow; it will be nice to have an alternative to glasses should I want to see distance comfortably. Apparently, my approximate prescription is -2.00 in one eye and -1.75 in the other, which makes me wonder how people like J and Erin can see otherwise with their 7+ prescriptions. My only concern is not that my eyes will be uncomfortable with them in, but that I won't be able to put them in or take them out easily. I suppose I'll find out tomorrow.

Even more randomness, finally a Rodent of Unusual Size outside of The Princess Bride. A new species of rat was discovered in Papua New Guinea that's almost three feet in length; I actually think it's rather cute, reminiscent of the Giant Sewer Rat of Dalaran.

Anyway, I should be returning to work now... maybe there will be some intriguing research subjects; most of them have been disappointingly boring and predictable; it almost makes me wish there were more sex workers like Pink Taco girl.
Aug. 13th, 2009 @ 01:43 am Space Goats And Sleepless Nights
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With another failed attempt at sleeping, instead of squandering the time stirring restlessly in bed with ever increasing frustration, I thought I would instead update my journal. Besides, at least it's easier to justify staying awake if I'm doing something at least mildly productive.

As usual, I haven't been sleeping much at all. Sadly, my insomnia has been extending further into the night, almost to the point of daylight at times; I believe the last few nights have been sleepless until around 4:30 or so. There aren't any major environmental factors that I've observed to account for the change. There are new neighbors in the front of the house, a couple who just had a baby about three weeks ago; I occasionally hear the baby crying, but I'm usually awake when it occurs, and have never had my sleep disrupted by the child. Maybe there's a subconscious and insatiable urge to place the baby upon a spike Eddie Izzard style? Oh well, I suppose it's not like I really need to sleep anyway.

Work has been unpleasant, but at least with the student intern slave labor returning soon, the workload will likely be decreased. With the exception of one or two surprisingly peppy and enthusiastic sex workers, the research subjects haven't been terribly interesting either. If the prospect of looking for employment elsewhere weren't so daunting and revolting, I would decrease my hours there significantly, if not completely; the ambiance is just so lethargic and demotivating most of the time. Kaliri, the one decent coworker, was supposed to return from vacation last week, but her mother passed away in a car accident while she was visiting relatives, and as such, decided to stay there to deal with all the administrative/logistical stuff associated with that. So, it's back to all low-functioning androids, all the time. Maybe I'll acquire a few goats and lease them to environmentally conscious homeowners with overgrown lawns concerned with the emissions caused by conventional mowing techniques. I'm sure that, as a space goat, I'm automatically aware of how to take care of non-space goats, right? If there are people with exceptionally small lawns, I could even have Athena and Saffron do it -- it's about time they started paying rent.

I got my desktop back last week, and it appears to be completely fixed. Somehow, the liquid coolant in the CPU evaporated, which caused the rapid overheating. Fortunately, once that was injected again, the problem was solved. After using my laptop for a few weeks, I completely forgot how awesome my desktop is: applications run faster, the colors are far more vibrant (especially when I'm on Ashes of Al'ar while playing WoW), and my computer chair is exponentially more comfortable than the rigid dining room table chair where I would operate my laptop while at home. Speaking of WoW, even with the relative ease with which people can acquire epic loot, I'm still #8 for resto shamans on the server... so go me. Plus, I still get to interact with distant friends like D and Luci two to three times a week, which really is the best part.

Speaking of friends and interactions, Sarah's themed birthday party quickly approaches, and that should be fun. However, I still need to acquire some costuming supplies for my transformation into a Gentleman from the Hush episode of Buffy. Although I think I only need some gray make-up and a bald cap (as well as Sarah's or someone else's expertise in the application of the make-up), I doubt there's anywhere in Davis to acquire that. Oh well, maybe I'll research that tomorrow or Friday. Additionally, I think Troupe Katie might be coming to visit for a weekend some time soon... so that should be enjoyable.

As for transportation, I'm still awaiting a date to take the MSF class. For some reason, most of the recent ones occurred during the week, and even if I were to rearrange my work schedule to accommodate those classes, I doubt I'd be able to get to the classes. Fortunately, I think the ones upcoming in late August and September are primarily weekend classes, so hopefully I'll have my motorcycle license soon... especially since being confined to Davis has been increasingly frustrating.

Well, I suppose I should attempt sleep again... especially since I think I've rambled enough for now. Anyway, have fun everyone!
Jul. 31st, 2009 @ 02:46 pm When All The Positions For Lottery Winner Or Socialite Are Filled...
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It seems like the majority of the last few weeks has been dominated by work and other miscellaneous tasks, but as always, there have been some noteworthy events. However, they do seem rather fragmented for some reason, so I'll just list them randomly:

I had a delicious Indian meal last Friday with Sarah, J, and Erin at my place. I prepared some channa masala, which turned out well; however, as Erin made palak paneer and ordered some naan as well, she should receive most of the cooking credit. It's unfortunate that I don't cook more often, but it's virtually impossible to find the motivation unless I'm cooking for at least three people. Sadly, my imaginary friends are rarely hungry... it's probably because they're always going out to imaginary restaurants and furiously spending their egregiously large sums of imaginary cash. Next time I see them, I should punch them in the back of the head. The only downside of the event, which is truly insignificant compared to the magnificence of the food and the company, was the number of dishes. Sadly, my imaginary maid is about as reliable as my imaginary friends.

My mother and stepfather came to visit last Saturday, and a pleasant time was had for sure. We went to a French cafe in Sacramento, which was quite delightful. Sadly, there weren't any croissants or French pirates, but the food was delicious and the atmosphere was quaint for sure. Sadly though, their visit was brief, so besides lunch, we only stopped at a few random places in Sacramento before returning to Davis.

Speaking of pleasant lunches, I had lunch with Toshimi on Wednesday, which was cool... especially since I hadn't seen her in ages. It's always reassuring to be reminded that I still have friends who haven't moved out of Davis yet. However, being a college town, it's not too surprising that the population is highly nomadic. Plus, where else can one experience the wonders of a fistulated cow, right?

Now for some more unincorporated randomness:

My desktop is in the process of being repaired. Ideally, once the fluid is replaced, it should be fully functional again. Hopefully this will occur before the next WoW patch occurs, so I can have the option of playing either on my desktop or my laptop.

Speaking of WoW, perhaps I should channel my creative efforts into composing erotic World of Warcraft literature? First up is The Joy Of Hex, the story of a smexy Draenei shaman and his provocative adventures with a gnome warlock seeking the Explorer achievement/title in all the wrong places. I could even submit the manuscript to that WoW related pornography site... and then, profit!

Sadly, the next motorcycle class with a weekend schedule doesn't occur until late August. However, that's not too far away, even though it's something I'd like to complete as quickly as possible.

Perhaps it's just extra work or some strange environmental factor, but my eyesight without my glasses appears to be diminishing at a noticeable rate. At this point, contacts might be viable, though I'd have to get over the discomfort of putting things in my eyes on a regular basis. Regardless, I refuse to believe it's because I'm old and getting to the point of senile fist shaking and lemonade flavored Metamucil.

Well, I think that's it for now... I'm sure there's plenty more randomness, but I've rambled enough for now.
Jul. 21st, 2009 @ 02:00 pm Master Time!
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Instead of actually working, portraying the illusion of work is way better. Plus, it gives me an ideal opportunity for another journal update.

The most noteworthy event was Arwen's visit from Texas, which was exceptionally enjoyable, especially since she stayed a few days at my place in Davis, so I had the opportunity to get way more Arwen time than I normally would had she just been in Sacramento. She arrived on Wednesday, and we ventured to the Davis Farmers' Market for awhile, enjoying the delicious semi-frozen apple juice, the park ambiance, and the requisite crazy guy proselytizing the public about the downfall of our society. Well, I suppose incoherent yelling man wasn't particularly delightful, but as he's at virtually all city scheduled events, the experience wouldn't be "complete" without him.

Thursday was laid back, but super enjoyable. After a brief trip to Jamba Juice and Borders, Arwen and I returned back to my place and we played card games and socialized. Unfortunately, the weather was unusually hot, as it has been for the last week or so until today. Due to what likely had been a Shoggoth in the upstairs toilet, we walked to get some drain cleaner, which probably exhausted everyone afterward given the heat. However, the clog was impervious to even that, and as such, a plumber had to be called to clear it; hopefully the landlords will agree to pay for the charge, as to the best of my knowledge, the toilet was used as intended.

Friday was Potluck Friday, which was fun for all... and there were a fair amount of people in attendance, including some of Erin's friends from San Diego, who appreciated Athena and Saffron. I just finished cleaning all the dishes... but it's a chore well worth the opportunity to celebrate Arwen's visit.

Fortunately though, I had the opportunity to leave Davis to have dinner and Sarah's parents' house and to see a Ducks concert. As to be expected, the food was delicious and plentiful, and the concert was enjoyable, but the venue, Steiner's in Sonoma, was less than ideal. The acoustics weren't fantastic, but at least it wasn't as crowded as I anticipated. Besides, there was some sort of sadistic pleasure in watching the middle-aged drunkards desperately attempt to recapture their youth and dance their hip, trendy dances.

In other noteworthy news, I might have the opportunity to see Randy and Kati on Wednesday, though it may interfere with raiding time, but since I haven't seen them in 3-4 months, it's an unfortunate conflict, but I can't pass up the chance to see them.

Speaking of conflicts, it looks like most of the MSF motorcycle classes that are more recently open occur during the week, which would make it exceptionally difficult to attend. However, there are a few in mid-August that occur on the weekends. I would like to finish it soon, as my lack of motorized transportation has become increasingly frustrating. So, if there are any weekends in which events are planned, let me know, and I will try to schedule my class for a different weekend.

My desktop still isn't working, and I'm waiting for the company to send me a UPS tag so I can send it to them to fix it. If I don't receive one soon, perhaps I'll just investigate more local options again.

Work has been decent, but busier than I'd like it to be as a result of both Kaliri still being on vacation and because I took a few days off last week for Arwen time. At least there was an exotic dancer with a Sinitta inspired spandex outfit... plus, I swear I saw Pink Taco girl outside Taco Bell the other day. However, I didn't have my glasses on at the time. Hmmm... I really should consider getting contacts.

Oh well, it looks like work beckons again, and as such, I must be departing to work instead of just giving the facade of work.
Jul. 13th, 2009 @ 05:01 pm Pyrotechnics Without The Mullet Clad Rock Ballads?
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Although cleaning the house is something that ultimately needs to be done, such a task, unsurprisingly, isn't rather appealing at the moment. As such, it's time for a long overdue journal update while I procrastinate further, or possibly find some slave labor. You know, maybe I should troll the streets late at night and look for some twitching meth addicts -- they have all sorts of unharvested energy.

Anyway, unlike the previous two years of being surrounded by acres of rednecks and other high-camp rural characters straight out of a John Waters version of Deliverance to the rock styling of The Scorpions' Rock You Like A Hurricane, I spent this last 4th of July in Sonoma at Sarah's parents' house. It was a definite upgrade in terms of ambiance, pyrotechnics, and definitely food. However, there was a small, as minuscule as it may be, part of me that lingered for the kitschy demonstrations of patriotism and untamed mullets wistfully blowing in the breeze. It's a shame that I still have yet to take my MSF class, as J, Ian, Lilly, and Garrett all rode to Sonoma on theirs, and the weather was ideal for doing so. Then again, it likely was cold on the return trip.

Speaking of motorized transportation, since Lilly is moving to Canada and it would be too expensive to take her motorcycle with her, I decided to purchase hers, as I thought it would be a wise purchase for my first one. So, once I actually acquire it, now all I have to do is learn to operate it and I'll have at least some form of vehicle which should be useful for at least short trips out of Davis, likely to Sarah and J's in Sacramento and such. I think that ultimately, I'll paint it bright orange... as that would be awesome.

The research subjects at work have continued to be surprisingly boring in the last few weeks; perhaps all the outrageous ones hibernate during the summer to conserve their energy for the Winter months when there's less daylight. Fortunately, work has been far more stimulating courtesy of my coworker Kaliri. Based on previous actions, it was ultimately clear that she was interested in me, which likely would had been obvious to people much sooner, except for the fact that I usually view myself as romantically undesirable that the default setting for people is uninterested, and it takes a considerable amount of direct and assertive evidence for me to believe otherwise. Anyway, the casbah has been rocked, as The Clash might say, and it's a refreshing change from the years of extended dormancy. Lamentably, she leaves tomorrow to Iceland and Norway to visit her family for a few weeks, so hopefully the clients at work will be more interesting to make up for that. Oh, before I forget to share some advice: desk staplers are uncomfortable objects on which to lay.

Courtesy of World of Warcraft, I've still had the joy of regular interaction with D, Luci, J, Dave, and a variety of others. Although the biggest appeal is the social aspect of the game, I've been quite pleased with the progression of Ritual Noise as well as some of my recent loot drops. After about 7 months, I finally got a mace upgrade, which catapulted me to being the #6 most geared resto shaman on the server; however, when I last checked, I went down to #10, which is still smexy.

It's fortunate I have a laptop and a desktop, as the fan on my desktop decided to stop working... now it overheats and makes an unpleasant noise. You know, in the future, technology will be sufficient for my uses and I won't be plagued with these strange computer malfunctions.

Both Siouxsan and Lilly are moving away, which is unfortunate for those nearby, but likely fantastic opportunities for them. At least I had the honor of seeing them both this last Saturday before the move, and then possibly again this evening.

In other exciting news, Arwen is coming to visit shortly, and I imagine fun times will be had for sure. To celebrate the event, there's even a Potluck Friday at my place... though I don't know what the theme of the cuisine will be. Regardless, Arwen visiting California abolishes the need for any additional themes anyway.

Athena and Saffron are both doing well, I'm doing well (even if slightly busier than I'd like to be at times), so I declare the last few weeks a winner.
Jul. 2nd, 2009 @ 12:33 am Floating Cloth And Wind Machines For The Win!
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The time has arrived for another journal update, brought to you by yet another night of unyielding insomnia. Fortunately, after years of minimal sleep, the unpleasant effects of insomnia can be almost completely suppressed; however, this week, my body has decided to form some sort of insidious coalition with insomnia. I've had some rather severe tension or muscle pull in my neck and a strange burning sensation in my left eye, both without any known cause. Perhaps it's a sign I should consider early retirement and become a geriatric recluse. Even better, I'll be a senile geriatric, spending the day complaining about my arthritis to my burlesque style poster of Bea Arthur. You know, a life of fist shaking, walking canes, rocking chairs, metamucil cocktails, and pants up to one's nipples isn't without some benefit. The elderly have it made... medic-alert jewelery, gold bond powder, blue hair. Whatever, hopefully it will pass soon, as I'd rather be rocking the casbah than rocking in my old folks home recliner.

Amaretto and iced tea is a magnificent combination -- perhaps even the new chocolate and peanut butter, but with lowered reaction times and an increased sense of omnipotence. Interestingly, I've never experienced a feeling of being impervious to things that would otherwise be dangerous while imbibing spirits, but such is the stereotype, and so I mention it.

Work has been acceptable, although woefully dull. Though I've come to expect a lack of stimulation or charisma from most of my coworkers, the same has been true of both the interview subjects and the data itself. At least Kaliri is there for now, although I think she's visiting relatives in Norway and Iceland for a month or so this summer, so a preemptive shakefist goes out to her. Anyway, there's something disappointing about a modestly dressed stripper with a personality more bland than the Midwestern corn field landscape from which she originates when contrasted to interviewees that conceivably could have emerged straight from a John Waters film.

The weekend was pleasant though, consisting of a fantastic barbecue (of ZOMGWTFBBQ caliber as intended) at Sarah and J's place on Friday, and I saw Troupe Katie on Sunday and part of Monday. I also helped Kay and Austin, some of my Davis friends, move from one place to another in Davis on Saturday, and although it was delightful to see them, the 110 degree weather made the experience far less enchanting that it otherwise would had been. Speaking of random adventures, on Monday during lunch, I went to see the Baxter House with Katie and Sean before it was burnt down the next day as a fire department exercise. For allegedly being one of the creepiest places in Davis, the experience was underwhelming -- it just looked like a dilapidated house devoid of any mystique or ambiance.

By request of Ken, I recently signed up for a Facebook account; however, I doubt I'll do anything with it or even keep it for an extended period of time. I'm not particularly interested in the sake of networking just to be connected to people, and it appears to be a medium which favors image strongly over content, and that's not really a combo that benefits me. Really, I only have the desire to put forth effort into one social networking website, and since Livejournal seems to accommodate me the most, I'll focus my efforts here. Besides, it doesn't look like there's any benefit to having an account at all, as I've been able to view content without having an account before. I also find it somewhat strange that there's a category for relationship status... it seems somewhat insincere or facetious for something that's not a blatant dating site to have that option. I suppose it's versatile that way, but it has a lingering debuff of masquerading as one thing when it's really another.

Finally, courtesy of Anthony, who showed me the phenomenon of Literal Music Videos, an idea where one alters the lyrics of popular songs to reflect the images in the video themselves, I've been thoroughly amused by the literal music video of Bonnie Tyler's epic 80s hit Total Eclipse of The Heart. For those unfamiliar, the original can be viewed here. Bonus points for those who can guess my favorite parts... and with that, I will be departing.
Jun. 22nd, 2009 @ 07:57 pm Strongholds Of Moist
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For those avid readers suffering from update withdrawal, complete with uncontrollable muscle spasms, night terrors, and a sudden disinterest in shiny objects, fear no more, for my long overdue journal entry has arrived.

Of course, the most noteworthy event would be my adventures in New York and Connecticut for Luci and D's wedding. The flight there was rather uneventful, and the Sacramento airport has free wireless internet for an entertaining diversion while waiting for the flight to board. Erin Logan and I had the same flight there, and as such, we traveled together. Amusingly, the most noteworthy part of the flight there was that she probably went to the bathroom at least fifteen times. Normally, with such a high frequency of bathroom trips, I'd suspect some sort of crippling heroin addiction whereby she's shooting up in the stall somewhere; however, she doesn't seem hyperactive or manic enough for that to be plausible. Maybe she's shooting up quaaludes or horse tranquilizers instead?

Anyway, we finally arrived at New York and after a few hours of monorail, subway, and train navigation, we arrived at the hotel room in Tarrytown, New York. Although I must say, Grand Central Station is probably the most sophisticated public transit terminal ever -- it's like a posh hotel for municipal vehicles.

The next day was D's bachelor party, which actually was at Dave & Buster's, a restaurant/arcade combo. Fun times were had, and it was especially delightful to see D again. However, I do find it appropriate that D had the nerdy gamer bachelor party while Luci had the more scandalous, stereotypical bachelorette party with drinking at a bar and at least the intention of strippers. Now that I think about it, all the bachelor parties I have attended (which have only been two) have involved games, beer, and zombies. Although I got an awesome fuzzy orange novelty tie from this party courtesy of D.

Ultimately, I returned to the hotel room, which I was planning to share with Lilly, Arwen, and Ken. However, as Ian's original plan of sleeping in a hammock in a park somewhere was thwarted by the police and their displeasure toward vagrants, he ultimately ended up sleeping in the hotel room alcove as well. Fortunately, there weren't any serious objections by any of the people who had planned ahead, or if there were, they were dwarfed by everyone's desire to minimize stress on the part of Luci and D. Surprisingly, my sleep, although still abysmal, wasn't much worse than usual despite all the other people in the room. Plus, I got to see lots of Arwen, Ken, and Lilly too.

Fortunately, I did get to see some of New York City as well, excluding the subterranean features of the subway system. Although brief, I saw part of Central Park with Arwen and Ken as well as an authentic taxi cab ride complete with utter disregard for pedestrians or traffic laws. Central Park was surprisingly more urban than I thought it would be, but we only had time to explore its edges rather than it's center. Overall though, I do appreciate the dynamic quality of New York City, and I can sympathize with a place that never sleeps. However, I bet it would be atrocious in the winter.

The wedding itself was phenomenal; the food was excellent and the weather accommodated the entire event. Besides, I'm pleased to witness an event where two of my friends can celebrate their unparalleled euphoria. Additionally, I can appreciate the theatrical nature of weddings and the almost campy imagery associated with them. However, probably because I've never been directly involved in the orchestration of a wedding, nor will I ever likely be married, there isn't the lingering remembrance of dread in the planning stages. I especially like how music from World of Warcraft and Chrono Trigger was subtly interwoven into the reception. D's friend Brent took some awesome pictures of both the wedding and the brunch afterward, but not only did J already link them, but I look horrific in all the pictures, so I'm not particularly inclined to propagate them further.

Also, I had the immense pleasure of seeing Luci's parents' house in Connecticut, as well as their apartment. Their hamsters are incredibly adorable and their coloration is fantastic; they're so docile and well-behaved, they're practically small puddles of fuzzy cuteness there for one's amusement. I tried the Wii Fit, which was lots of fun, although as to be expected, my BMI is underweight. However, I'm 14 pounds away from being the low end of normal, though it's too bad working out for the sake of working out is incredibly unpalatable, especially by myself. The only kind of burn I'm inclined to feel on a voluntary basis is the one likely emanating from Ashes of Al'ar. Although speaking of epic flying, due to the airline being overbooked, I, as well as Sarah and J, all got upgraded to first class on the flight back; a far superior experience to coach, but I doubt I could still justify the additional expense.

So, in conclusion, it was a colossal experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm under the impression that the East Coast is under the pernicious control of Moist from Doctor Horrible, but excluding the humidity, which didn't bother me much at all, there aren't really any complaints to be had other than the visit was regrettably short.

Now it's time for other randomness:

I had a work meeting on Friday evening, and despite it's horrible time (then again, what else would most of my coworkers be doing anyway?), it was somewhat useful. Fortunately, if everything goes as planned for the summer, my workload should be considerably lighter than this last academic quarter. Sadly, Kaliri had to go somewhere immediately afterward, so no dinner and other random fun times, but there is another random meeting in the near future where that's not the case.

Much like the appeal of any Ben Stiller movie after Reality Bites in the early 90s, there are some facets of popular culture I simply fail to comprehend. While in Tarrytown, Lilly often had the television on and with it came some intriguing commercials for some odd products.

My personal favorite was for Flirty Girl Fitness, which utilized classic stripper moves to lose weight and get fit. I was especially entertained that you could try your very own stripper pole for only a one dollar deposit. However, I must say that, after years of research, not one of the dancers looked anything like the strippers that come for an interview.

Not to be outdone by that is the Face Bank, for those people who want to insert money into some creepy, primordial creature. Oh well, it's probably still better than Necco flavored cologne -- for those people who want to smell like they just got a golden shower from Willy Wonka and his sex slave Oompa Loompas. Together they could attract children and then scare them away; it's a rich dichotomy filled with hilarity.

Well, on that note, I think I'm out for now...
Jun. 11th, 2009 @ 06:11 pm Not All Flaming Crotch Pain Is Bad
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Another journal update is sadly overdue, but fortunately, I finally have time to remedy that affliction. Although there have been some awesome occurrences since my last update, the overwhelming majority of my time has been consumed by work. On the plus side, my work load after next week should be minor, especially by comparison.

In true Capitalist Overlord style, my supervisor decided to take advantage of the lucrative commodity of free labor, in the form of student interns. Since the academic quarter ends this week, all of them will be leaving for the summer. Therefore, instead of delegating work in a manageable and consistent fashion, as much work as possible was given so that the student intern labor could be maximized. Unfortunately, I don't have a student intern, so when I get triple the work, the only other person to whom I can defer it is Kaliri, my coworker that also has triple the work. So, this was lame, but I was able to accomplish everything that needed to be done before leaving for Luci and D's wedding, and without passing out from exhaustion.

Ironically, even though I've been exceptionally tired this previous week, I've also been even more unable than usual to fall asleep. Normally, during periods of insomnia, I complete some random neglected chore or partake of the insomniac mining/jewelcrafting in Northrend. However, last Thursday night, after losing another epic battle with sleep, I was on WoW when I was asked to heal for Tempest Keep. At the end of the battle, the super rare phoenix mount, Ashes of Al'ar dropped, and with a roll of 100/100, I won it. Only three people on the server have it; I declare it to be the best kind of flaming crotch pain ever. Oh random number generator, how I love you, as I do the attention it gets me.

Otherwise, I've just been busy with traveling; in fact, I'm composing this from the hotel in Tarrytown, New York now -- where Luci and D's wedding will occur in a few days. It should be phenomenal, especially since I will have the opportunity to see everyone soon. The flight was long and rather uneventful; I know I'd rather be flying Ashes of Al'ar, since Northwest Air definitely isn't 310% -- it might only be 60%. Then there was a long endeavor of various forms of mass transits in New York. In one of the subways, I saw this drawing and thought that I'd rather be in that than on the subway... especially because for some reason, I think it would make the Murloc sound as it floated.

Anyway, I will definitely give a synopsis of the wedding extravaganza as well as any other omitted tidbits in my next entry, when I'll likely have more time to compose a lengthier entry.

I almost forgot... before I go, I must share this entertaining interview moment. One of the sex workers recently interviewed, a stripper, goes by the name Sweet Cheeks. Apparently, Sweet Cheeks has a signature song which I first thought was completely made up because it's so awful; however, I later realized that it is in fact, a real song: What What. Yeah, and on that note... I'm out like trout, jammin' like salmon, and more mod than cod. At least I'm not going to slap her with a red snapper.
May. 29th, 2009 @ 10:44 pm Feline Flinging And Flaming Codpieces
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The battle is anything but epic when given the choice between laundry of updating my journal, especially Friday evenings seem like the most pathetic time to be doing chores. Besides, as demonstrated by Crazy Cat Lady, too much work will lead to some unprovoked cat flinging, which is quite awkward in most social situations. Then again, I'm somewhat envious of someone whose heart beats with such anticipation over something as simple as feline defecation... although I doubt even she cleans the litter box on Friday nights.

Anyway, before I get distracted by esoteric characters from The Simpsons or semi-psychotic, yet campy behavioral patterns, I probably should actually provide the update I set out to complete.

Insomnia: My recent attempts to fall asleep when I want or need to do so have been completely unsuccessful; insomnia is a boss whose enrage timer is just far too short for a solo attempt. I have considered pugging some sleeping pills for extra nighttime dps, but not only do I hesitate spending the gold, but I would be concerned that the debuff would interfere with my workday. However, at least the issue is falling asleep, rather than staying asleep, which means that I can usually catch up on some sleep during the weekend when I don't have to be up at any particular time.

Work: With the end of the academic quarter, so too does the slave labor of student interns ends. As such, my supervisor, in true corporate fashion, has decided to cram as much work as possible during the remaining two weeks of the school year. Fortunately, although my schedule will be busier than I would prefer, I don't anticipate needing to work any additional hours. Besides, given the atmosphere provided by most of my coworkers, it's almost more beneficial to be overworked than to be under-worked and prone to slipping into a sympathetic state of drone-like banality.

My contract has been extended for another year, which I anticipated, and since my biggest complaint is the lack of personality exhibited by most of my campus coworkers, I decided to accept that contract. The schedule is fairly accommodating, the work itself is intriguing, and although the salary isn't phenomenal, it's definitely enough to maintain my expenses. Besides, just the thought of applying and/or interviewing for another job sounds exhausting.

Most of the research subjects I've recently interviewed haven't really been that exciting. In fact, they've been more tragic than anything else... the sort of stereotypical truck stop prostitute who has more heroin track marks than teeth. There was one that found her niche by performing water sports only after eating large amounts of asparagus; a much healthier use for food than the infamous Pink Taco girl, though not nearly as profitable.

Rodents: Athena and Saffron are both doing well, although they're in desperate need of a nail trimming. Unfortunately, I lack the dexterity, or more importantly, the fortitude to do so when they so clearly dislike it. I suppose if I can't get in contact with Arkham Katie, who has been insanely busy with grad school, I can see if there are any places in Davis that will trim them for me -- perhaps somewhere like Petco. Furthermore, being late spring, I've seen a high number of squirrels while on campus or walking to campus. In fact, I even saw a black one, or at least I thought I did... without my glasses at the time, it could had been a small cat. A few of Erin's friends have been in Davis recently, and both of them appreciate and understand the rodent love. In fact, one of her friends even enjoyed holding both Athena and Saffron. That reminds me... I have to arrange for someone to watch them while I'm in New York/Connecticut.

Transportation: As the weather has been consistently pleasant, and with Davis being fairly dense, not having a motorized method of transportation still is not a frequent problem. However, I'm still anticipating acquiring a motorized method in the immediate future, especially that my weekends are generally more free than they had been with rehearsal in order to finish my MSF class. Sadly, I imagine it will have to wait until after D and Luci's wedding, which, is quickly approaching. Perhaps, in order for that extra bit of motivation, and because I already have my motorcycle permit anyway, I should purchase the motorcycle beforehand; it definitely would be a motivator in gaining the skills necessary to use it after I've already incurred the monetary expenses. Then again, I don't think I'm to the point of complacency or discouragement for me not to continue pursuing that avenue.

Social: Although I didn't really do anything noteworthy for the Memorial Day weekend, I have compensated with a few random adventures this week. While doing some random errands earlier in the week, I ran into Joey and her boyfriend, and hung out with them and her roommate Michelle for awhile. I discovered that they are also entranced by the whole Buffy and Firefly universes, and although I haven't consistently seen many Buffy episodes, I do approve of the ones I've seen. Interestingly, they made a comment about how all the Buffy characters are super hot... which is interesting because, aesthetically speaking, I don't think any of them are attractive at all. Maybe they all suffer from cataracts or some other debilitating vision disease which would alter their perception of the actors?

Yesterday, I had a work meeting in the evening, which, of course, was uninspiring and lame, even if it was productive. Afterward, Kaliri, the coworker with the personality, invited me to her place for dinner because she had made an outrageous amount of food and didn't want it to go to waste. Apparently I'm not the only one that fails to remember how much dried foods like lentils and rice expand when cooked. Then she gave me some rum, mixed with other juices of course, as I'm not hardcore enough to drink it straight, claiming that it might help with insomnia, followed by rolling a joint, to which I felt completely unaffected. Anyway, fun times and worthwhile conversations were had. Amusingly, I told her that I usually do arenas with J and Ian on Thursday evenings, at which time she gave me negative Dragon Kill Points and called me a noob. I told her I'll take my heals and my totems elsewhere then, remarking that it was either epic or pathetic that we were both still so nerdy even after the alcohol and such.

Miscellaneous: With the warmer weather, I've been wearing sandals occasionally. As one that enjoys bold fashion statements and likes to be stimulated whenever possible, I've decided that bare toenails are just not acceptable. I thought I had some bright orange nail polish to remedy the problem, but I either concocted a scenario in which I had some, or I simply misplaced it. Either way, they're still not bright orange. This is especially disappointing because since they grow so fast, they might be mistaken for traffic cones, at which point I could use my feet to divert the flow of traffic for the benefit of both myself and my other drivers/passengers. Fortunately, when I was hanging out with Joey, she had some offensive lime green polish, which was applied to my left foot. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough for the right, so I'm currently in some state of nail limbo.

Speaking of fashion statements, I've been considering a piercing for some time now, and figured I might as well get one. I went into Urban Body, the place in Davis recommended by most people for such services, but they didn't have the hardware I wanted. I was looking for the circular barbell type with the cones on the end, as the cone is my favorite shape and most appropriately me. As such, I left the place without any new holes. However, J told me that they come in all sorts of outrageous colors, especially the plastic ones, even bright orange. As such, I haven't really been discouraged from the initial task.

Finally, during a lunch break on campus, I went to Memorial Union and saw someone put a Hot Pocket in a microwave. This person then removed the hot pocket and started eating it. It truly was disturbing, as hot pockets are one of the least edible foods available, so much so that there's even a five minute comedy routine dedicated to them. Hot pockets don't even have the amusing irony of such foods as the generic Spam product Treat or the cheese-like dip Qué Bueno!, which is neither a treat nor bueno in any way.

On a closing note, the only acceptable hot pocket is the flaming codpiece on Ignis the Furnace Master; I'd totally rock a flaming codpiece... perhaps they'll come back in style along with other fabulous 80s fashions.
May. 19th, 2009 @ 12:35 pm Winning The Dance Contest
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A journal update is long overdue, and although I have yet to decide on how to chastise myself for this tardiness, I'm sure I'll think of an appropriate punishment soon enough. If nothing more, I could just stay at work for a few more hours and expose myself to some of the more catatonic campus coworkers.

I was in the Seattle area the weekend before last to celebrate my grandfather's 80th birthday. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the rain for the entire weekend, which is quite remarkable given the general level of saturation of the state. Seattle itself is quite intriguing; it reminds me of a cleaner version of San Francisco, on account of all the rain and that it's too cold for most of the homeless to be outside. Unfortunately, as I was in the area most of the time for family obligations, I wasn't in Seattle for a long period of time. Nevertheless, I still had the opportunity to see some fish throwing, admire some well-preserved mummies at an oddities shop, and look for some Shadowrun style cyberware. Lamentably, the closest thing to cyberware anyone had was silverware, and although silverware is a useful tool, it's not really something I would want in direct contact with my neural synapses. Much like one of the cheat commandos, I'm thankful I don't have a fork in my eye.

The family events were pleasant as well, relaxing for the most part; however, at times perhaps slightly too relaxing given the extremely rural location of the event. It was awesome to see deer, chipmunks, squirrels, and hummingbirds everywhere, but at night, when the wildlife is no longer visible, one can't really appreciate those things any longer. Although neither my grandparents nor my aunt and uncle had wireless internet or a place where cell phone reception was possible, at least they did have a Wii. Overall, of course, the weekend, even with the traveling, was a worthwhile experience, so I approve.

Most of the previous week was devoted to the Telemark showcase for performing Sarah's piece. It was nice not being part of the Troupe in the sense that I didn't have nearly as many time obligations as did the rest. Although that made it slightly alienating at times, I'd much rather have the extra time to devote to work and other necessary chores/errands than confinement in the theater with other troupe people.

Our performance was awesome, and I'm quite pleased with each night. Unfortunately, as stage lighting is often inadequate for filming, it will still be interesting to see if the recorded performance was actually as phenomenal as I think it will be. We received compliments from virtually everyone on the piece for its charisma and precision, so if nothing more, it was a stand-out, both in terms of theme and execution, in the showcase. Sarah should definitely be commended for her intriguing choreography and narratives, and I'm definitely pleased I could be a part of it. It was somewhat strange to only be in one piece, especially since I often feel like I should maximize my performance time to get as much out of that week's commitment as I can. Perhaps I'll bring back Heavy Petting next year after all, or perhaps I'll try to do something new. Either way, it sounds like more dances are on the horizon for next year, even if they may not manifest into anything tangible.

Much like last time, work has been pleasant, although remarkable non-noteworthy given that most of the work has entailed analysis of rather standard transcripts rather than outrageous interviews involving unexpected niche markets. I was finally given the option to renew my contract for another year, which I believe I will do, as it seems far more appealing than looking for a new job elsewhere. Besides, as my major complaint is the lack of charisma exhibited by most of my coworkers, I'm probably doing fine.

I don't have any plans for the extended Memorial Day weekend, so I assume it will mostly entail relaxation and/or accomplishing woefully neglected errands. Perhaps I will see if I can finally take my MSF class this weekend, as enrollment might be low given that a fair number of people will be on vacation. I'm looking forward to finishing the class, hopefully passing, and then perhaps finally having a method of motorized transportation again. Fortunately, it looks like there are classes most weekends, and with my weekend schedule being more open in general, it should happen soon.

Well, I should be departing so that I can actually be productive at work rather than just give the illusion of productivity. However, before I do, I must leave you with this Indian music video, which showcases the origins of the male Draenei dance. Interestingly, it's way better when a smexy male Draenei does it rather than this guy.
May. 7th, 2009 @ 03:21 pm Now With 30% More Procrastination Power!
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I haven't been motivated to update my journal recently, not because of a lack of noteworthy events or an overwhelming schedule which doesn't permit me adequate leisure time, but rather because I've been easily distracted by other venues. Interestingly enough, very few of these alternatives have involved shiny objects and/or provocative textures. Anyway, probably because it's more intriguing that doing laundry or unloading the dishwasher, it's finally update time.

Work has been rather uneventful, which, given the catatonic state of most of my coworkers, isn't particularly surprising. However, this is further compounded by the fact that there haven't been nearly as many sex workers coming to Davis for their interview, and of the ones that have, most of them haven't been memorable or outrageous. Now that it's after the First of May, one can hope that, along with coming outdoors to provide their services, so too will they come to campus. After all, UC Davis has an exceptional arboretum which would accommodate a variety of outdoor escapades.

Dance practice for Sarah's piece has been going well, and I'm reassured that, even when I feel completely uncoordinated and awkward, it still looks good on tape. Fortunately the foot I injured last week at dance practice hasn't been too unpleasant, and should continue to improve before the showcase. It's actually refreshing to still be participating in the showcase, but not in Telemark -- it's much more convenient and doesn't consume the entire week. However, there are aspects I still miss, but if I want greater participation, that's always an option for next year. I do miss the days of Heavy Petting and such, but most of those people have departed anyway.

J's birthday was thoroughly enjoyable, as to be expected, and the soup was phenomenal. It makes me wish there were more celebrations just to go back to the restaurant for more soup. It's a shame the weather was unpleasant that day, and although it was rainy and wet, it wasn't really the slip 'n slide tarp flinging fun kind of wet.

Along the lines of celebrations, there really should be more visible and blatant warnings for tequila. I'm thinking something both visual and audio, perhaps flashing lights along with this Combichrist song. I was surprised how affected I was just from the one drink for Cinco de Mayo; then again, it was a drink made by J.

It appears as though many busy weekends are in the immediate future, as well as more travel than usual. I will be in Washington state tomorrow until Monday for my grandfather's 80th birthday. Although I'm sure the festivities will be pleasant, I'm not particularly excited about the event, primarily because I don't foresee this family affair to be that stimulating or worth the early flights and traveling. Fortunately, it's just a weekend, so Athena and Saffron should be fine without my more regular supervision. I'd much rather go to the Seattle area on my own itinerary, rather than having my time monopolized by these events. I'll take Daria's advice and find some other way to feel, then I won't feel indifferent.

The next weekend, or at least part of it, will be the showcase, which should be enjoyable, even if somewhat exhausting. I'm not sure how many people I still know in Troupe, as the membership seems to change quite dramatically every few years, and I know there was a mass exodus during my last year in 2007. Maybe the weekend after that I can finally finish my MSF class... since it's Memorial Day weekend, there might be fewer people enrolled in the class, as many of them will be vacationing elsewhere. If not, there are at least a few other alternatives until Luci and D's wedding.

Well, I suppose I should return to chores... boo!
Apr. 23rd, 2009 @ 08:32 pm Manias And More
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Apparently, because one of my catatonic coworkers failed to recognize the difference between the words delete and save, six hours of work has been erased from existence. Needless to say, I'm not particularly motivated to replace that work at the moment, and since I'm overdue on a journal update anyway, I've decided this is a much better venue for my energies. However, before all that pesky content, I think I'll contract the meme mania and submit my answers as well.

Bandwagon Meme Time!Collapse )

Things have otherwise been pleasant, and although the occasional noteworthy event has occurred, event have primarily consisted of the usual combination of work and fun times with friends both in virtual and physical forms. Speaking of work, there have been few interviews recently, yet lots of data to process and analyze. Furthermore, of the people that do come in for interviews, they've been rather plain. I was at least hoping for some entertaining moments worthy of a John Waters film on Monday, being 4/20, but alas, there was nary a bloodshot eye or incoherent sex worker to be found. Not that lucidity was the theme of the day at all, since there were plenty of students and other Davis citizens taking full advantage of their stereotypical liberal hippie college town personae.

I'd like to think that I'm sore as a result of helping Siouxsan move apartments last weekend, but her move was probably the easiest and most efficient move that I've experienced for many years, if not ever. I'm pleased that I could help, even if my moving dps was pathetically low in comparison to that of Ian. Sadly, I think it's a combination of extended dance practices and insufficient sleeping behaviors which have created this general sense of muscle tension. Fortunately, it's not severe, but it's sort of pathetic that I feel so affected and out of shape... especially because I enjoy shapes, the cone being my favorite.

Speaking of sleep, my dreams have been as surreal and strange as ever, although I've noticed a recent and rather blatant infusion of sexual activity in my dreams, most of it neither being directed at me nor particularly arousing. It's intriguing, if nothing else, and mildly amusing at times.

My weekends should be rather busy in the near future, and for the most part, that's a positive thing. I'm not sure if there's space for me to do my MSF class this weekend, hopefully I'll find out tomorrow at the latest, but even if that's not occurring, the following weekend is J's birthday party, followed by a trip to Washington for my grandfather's 80th birthday, and then the Telemark showcase the weekend after that.

Of course, the most noteworthy and distant is Luci and D's wedding, which should be exceptionally exciting. I must remember to send the reply letter soon... and it's time to start researching flights and hotel rooms. I still advocate an Azerothian wedding to complement their AFK wedding in June... fun, nerdy times will be had by all.

Well, I believe that's all for now, as I've sufficiently rambled and/or updated this evening.
Apr. 9th, 2009 @ 01:08 pm Update Casserole: Bon Appetit!
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Since inquiring minds want to know, I hereby offer this journal update to satisfy that yearning desire.

After months of unnecessary procrastination, I finally submitted my federal and state taxes for the fiscal year. Although my refund is modest, it's certainly better than underpaying and having to submit money. Besides, if nothing else, at least most of my salary was available for me to use at the time, rather than being inaccessible in a government surplus not even collecting interest. Given the president at the time and the economically unhealthy policies in place, it's certainly a good thing I wasn't contributing to that more than necessary. Perhaps I'll cash my refund in pennies and writhe around in my sea of shiny copper currency. However, I'm sure I can think of less filthy and more practical ways to spend it.

Speaking of money, I received notice that the drunk driver that hit me many years ago died a few weeks ago. Given her chronic alcohol abuse, I'm assuming it was because of acute liver disease. I read the obituary, which was online, and it was amusing to see the composer struggle to put a positive and productive aspect on her life; needless to say, it was quite brief. Unfortunately, I won't be able to collect the remainder of what was awarded to me, but after years of her probation payments, I ended up receiving most of the settlement anyway.

Although I have articulated my fondness for Raja's; the food is exceptional and the service is truly phenomenal. I went there with Sarah, J, the Erins, and Siouxsan on Saturday evening, and was immensely satisfied. My only complaint is that the naan was slightly overcooked, but since the owner/manager gave us some complimentary naan, that concern was mitigated. Maybe instead of writhing around in pennies, I'll purchase some curry pakora and writhe around in that. Then again, although I appreciate the spiciness in my mouth, Pink Taco girl taught me that spiciness elsewhere is much less palatable.

Just when I thought Spring had finally arrived, banishing cold and otherwise unpleasant weather to the Southern hemisphere, it decided to rain this week. Hopefully it will pass so that I can enjoy my surroundings without the threat of hypothermia or excessive moisture. Doing my fancy walking inside just doesn't have the same social impact as it does on the sidewalks saturated with their regular walking. At least I can still entertain myself by walking to the perpetually entertaining sounds of Mario Kart when nobody receives a trophy. In the highly unlikely chance that I were to get married, I think that would make the best walking down the aisle music ever.

Despite insomnia being a rather frustrating and inconvenient entity, it does have its advantages. Recently, I discovered that some of those benefits found its way into Azeroth, as I was apparently the 23rd best restoration shaman on the highly populated Proudmoore server. Actually, upon looking today, it appears as though I'm #18. I say Ritual Noise should take out all the horde restoration shamans above me, making my ascent even more magnificent once I acquire my Malygos necklace. Who needs sleep when you have chain heal, right?

Given the upcoming schedule of events, it looks like the best time to reschedule the MSF class will be the last weekend in April; hopefully there won't be any administrative oversights or other obstacles to delay the process further.

Speaking of schedules, my work schedule has been rather sporadic and random recently, but at least to the benefit of my personal schedule for the most part. Since my only major complaint is the banality of most of my campus coworkers, there's no need for excessive discontentment.

Well, I've rambled far more than necessary... I'm out for now.
Apr. 4th, 2009 @ 08:21 am Overscheduling Is Made Of Fail
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I hereby declare it's time for another update, brought to you this time not by insomnia, but by a lack of secretarial oversight.

Other than the usual combination of work, quality guinea pig time, and WoW interaction, there has been one other event of noteworthiness: the MSF class. On Thursday, I had the first classroom part of the course, which consisted of painfully obvious and/or simple questions in conjunction with cheesy videos about the importance of safety and responsibility. Initially, I was somewhat disappointed that there weren't any "red asphalt" type videos, but I soon realized that the other people in class were far scarier than any over-dramatized fiery auto crashes.

The only other place where I had seen such a high concentration of hicks/rednecks would be during Fourth of July at the Sacramento fairgrounds. It was almost as if they had been transported directly from the fairgrounds to the classroom, whisked away in a mullet-fantasia whirlwind of Budweiser, dehydrated beef sticks, Confederate flags, barely listenable rock music, and naked woman silhouette mudflaps. When I pulled in to the parking lot on Thursday, every other car was a pick-up truck.

However, I anticipated as much, and wasn't really expecting any stimulating interaction with the other classmates anyway. It was somewhat disturbing to see some of them struggle with the painfully simple questions asked in the workbook... but most of them seemed more like men of action, rather than men of thought.

So, at the painfully early time of 6:45 this morning, I return for the first motorcycle riding portion of the class, only to discover that the course had made an unfortunate administrative error. There are two locations where they have the riding portion of the class. Apparently, they had inappropriately allocated too many people to the location where I was supposed to go, and as such, there weren't enough motorcycles for everyone. Sadly, there wouldn't had been sufficient time to get to the other location which did have space. So, not having enough motorcycles for everyone, and the prospect of sharing motorcycles unpalatable to them, they didn't have the space for me and two other people.

The positive aspect is that they refunded my registration fee, and will allow me to take a class in the future. Plus, since I already did the first part of the classroom portion, I don't have to do that one again -- just the weekend classes. So, ultimately, it looks like I will be able to take the class for free, and since I believe they're most weekends, there should be space for me in the immediate future.

The negative aspect is that I had already planned to do it this weekend, and not only does this change in plans inconvenience me, it also inconveniences my friends whom I have already burdened by borrowing transportation, gear, or spending the night to be closer to the class. So, in conclusion, it's lame that it will be delayed further, as all the excitement and anticipation is now anti-climactic. I suppose the plan now is to find a weekend which will accommodate my schedule as well as the schedules of others.

Anyway, although I'm tired, I doubt I'm sufficiently exhausted enough to go back to sleep at the moment... perhaps it's time for some mining and prospecting; I've got dysentery!
Mar. 24th, 2009 @ 01:45 pm This Randomess Costs 300 Dollars!
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It's been over a week since I last injected my journal with some randomness and musings about recent events, so here I go:

March has had its disproportionately high share of math related holidays, containing both Square Root Day earlier in the month and then Pi Day. I purchased an organic frozen cherry pie from the Co-op in celebration of the event, but have yet to prepare and consume it. As delicious as it would be, consuming an entire cherry pie by myself would be a gastronomic unlikelihood. I suppose if this Sweet Cherry Pie were a Warrant style thinly veiled metaphor for genitalia, it would be more of a single-serving entity.

Along the lines of purchasing genitalia, work has been pleasant, but not particularly noteworthy in any way. I've noticed that most of my under-socialized catatonic coworkers are slightly more evocative and intriguing through e-mail than they are in person. As such, I've attempted to divert all necessary interaction with them into an e-mail form, even if they're in an adjacent room. As for research subjects, they've mostly been fairly subdued and standard; however, as the temperature increases with the change of seasons, I'm hoping for some outrageous attire, if nothing else.

Athena and Saffron are both doing quite well, full of wheeting and popcorning preciousness. Also, with the increased hours of daylight and more accommodating weather, the campus squirrel population seems more robust; yay for rodent fun!

In order to prepare for Sarah's dance, I now have instituted a special walk so that I will have the necessary balance and/or strength to execute a particular move near the end. Although I find it amusing, I might have to refrain if I run into Jasper from The Simpsons, as the sidewalk's for regular walkin', not any of this fancy walkin'.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the regular interaction with many of my friends courtesy of WoW; it's fortunate that although people like Arwen, Luci, and D are geographically distant, I can still converse with them on a fairly regular basis. Plus, I do enjoy being the Officer of Heals and Shiny Objects.

I have my motorcycle training class in a few weeks, which is exciting except for the fact that part of it is abysmally early on a Saturday morning. From what I've heard, the class itself should be fairly simple, so I'm not terribly worried.

Also exciting is the fact that I'll likely indulge in a Taco Tuesday, something that hasn't occurred for awhile. Since Ian's cousin Dan is still in town, I assume there will be another role playing session like the last two days at Serenity 2, but perhaps not. If so, I suppose I can do another mesmerizing boomkin shimmy, as is in the nature of my character -- along with wearing lingerie over gold spandex hotpants.

Anyway, I believe that's enough randomness for now, but before I go, here's a meme courtesy of J:

Association Fun!Collapse )
Mar. 11th, 2009 @ 01:53 pm One Of Those Days That Ends In Y
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With a break between appointments for work, I figure I either have enough time for a journal update. Besides, it's either this or a futile attempt to uncover a deeply concealed personality in one of my other campus coworkers. I should call the Information Technology people and see if I can't have them reprogrammed.

There hasn't been anything too noteworthy this last week, or at least anything which warrants a deliberate focus, so I say bring on the randomness once again.

Work has been pleasant for the most part, even if slightly dull. Compared to some of the more outrageous characters that have participated in the study, most of the recent research subjects have been plain and predictable, albeit also a little tragic too. Although not controlled or scientific in any way, I have noticed an intriguing correlation this week: the more melancholy and depressed the individual is about her role as a sex worker, the more make-up and accessories that person tends to wear. It's almost as if the role of make-up as aesthetic enhancement no longer applies, instead becoming armor to protect one's self from the emotional trauma. Either that, or it's an attempt to make one's self so unrecognizable that it's easier to disassociate. As much as I can appreciate a bold, campy look... it's almost like some of these sex workers have so many layers of make-up, their face enters a room minutes before the rest of their body.

It's interesting how I see some of my local friends on a regular basis, and others rather infrequently. I suppose it helps that with most of my friends I see regularly, there are scheduled events, whereas with the others, no such system exists. I say it's time for another Potluck event... as those seem to be enjoyable and well-attended venues. Plus, it certainly is efficient for reconnecting with people I haven't seen for months. Fortunately, I still see, at least in virtual form, my less local friends through the medium of WoW. After my recent acquisition of some epic shoulder armor, it really is a shame that cyberpunk fashion isn't more prevalent -- it's tragically 80s with a hint of futuristic science-fiction... what could be better?

Although I have been fortunate to avoid the plagues which have afflicted practically all of my friends at one point or another this season, I have noticed that I've had a decreased appetite this past week. Not that I've weighed myself or that I'm noticably thinner, but perhaps I should start the Dr. Nick weight gain program through a slow steady gorging process combined with assal horizontology; I bet one of those moon waffles would pass the paper test.

I recently realized that I haven't dyed my hair in almost three months... oh noes! Fortunately, as I don't have any meeting with the funding committees for some time, I should be free to color it however I please. I haven't decided what color to do next, perhaps either Draenei blue, a super blond/white, or maybe a pink/black combination. Either way, I probably should get it cut first, as it's getting to the point where my high strength hair gel isn't enough.

I'd like to blame the time change and the loss of an hour for my increased problems with insomnia, but the timing is probably coincidental rather than anything else. Sadly, it's been taking hours for me to fall asleep, which is quite frustrating. Surprisingly, I haven't been having as many outrageous dreams recently, or if I am, they're not memorable enough to make the transition into consciousness. The only one I can remember from this week is that I got a significantly sized tattoo, and although I was pleased with it, I can't really remember what it was. I know it had something to do with squirrels and totems. Amusing, although when I start traveling along the path of body modification, I'm almost certain my first stop will be a piercing rather than a tattoo.

Well, I suppose I should be productive elsewhere, and the rambling has been sufficient for now. However, before I go, and because I'm listening to it now, I must share the fact that Present by Project Pitchfork is the perfect Warlock song; yay imps! I bet there's a song for every class out there somewhere...
Mar. 3rd, 2009 @ 01:42 pm Squares, Discs, Circles, And Spheres
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It's time for some more random updatery, and for those naysayers that question the legitimacy of the word updatery, I posit that it's a perfectly cromulent word that embiggens even the most grandiose of semantic passages. Then again, I did have a painfully early day today and may be suffering from some sort of insomniac dementia; however, the occasional early day is far better than the consistently early work schedule I previously had.

First of all, I must thank Siouxsan for reminding me that today is Square Root Day. I think I'll celebrate by proclaiming that I see shapes in the style of Forge LaGeordi; since it's raining, my monkey could also be wet. Had I known about the relevance of today while I was at work, I would had mocked most of my campus coworkers by reminding them of what catatonic squares they are.

In the realm of shapes, last Saturday I had the opportunity to see Randy, who was in town to see one of the theater performances on campus. I was introduced to the phenomenon of disc golf, which apparently is popular enough for most cities to have a disc golf course, including Davis. It was enjoyable, and way more engaging than conventional golf without the need for a financial investment of clubs or the haughty condescension of a country club membership.

Speaking of haughty condescension, I was in Sonoma this previous Saturday for Mandy and Reeve's baby shower, which was Harry Potter themed. Although I don't have any other baby showers for the purposes of comparison, I imagine this one was far more engaging than the typical baby shower. I attended as a Ravenclaw, with the proper blue and bronze colored tie from the book rather than the blue and silver from the movie. You know, an unsheathed wand probably led to Mandy's pregnancy in the first place, so it's amusingly appropriate. Since it was at Sarah's parents house, there was an overabundance of delicious food; I'm just now starting to feel hungry again.

As I've been considering acquiring a motorcycle for some time now so that I could have an affordable method of motorized transportation should I need it, I finally signed up for the MSF class on J's recommendation. Whereas a new motorcycle is far more affordable, far more gas efficient, and more appropriate for something I don't need for daily commuting, it should work out well. That is, assuming that I have the coordination necessary to operate one and I can dismiss all the irrational programming from people that say riding a motorcycle is the fast track to being an organ donor.

Athena and Saffron are both doing well, although I've been a slacker when it comes to most of my domestic obligations, I finally cleaned their cage on Sunday. I'm always entertained at their wheeting when I come home or go downstairs to visit them. If I were more misanthropic, I could easily be a hermit and not suffer from crippling loneliness as long as I had the guinea pigs. Even though the weather does make me less inclined to go outside, I don't foresee any asocial sequestering in my future... and on that strange note, I believe I will now finally end this entry.
Feb. 20th, 2009 @ 02:57 pm Exposure
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It's finally journal update time. Actually, update time should have occurred some time last week as well, and although things were pleasant and relatively noteworthy, I suppose they weren't sufficiently stimulating to warrant an update. Then again, after the legendary Pink Taco sex worker, many otherwise provocative entities seem mundane in comparison.

So, here's some recent randomness since my last entry:

My sleep schedule has been incredibly erratic, more than usual. Fortunately, with my new work schedule, my insomnia hasn't impacted me as much as it otherwise would. After last week's rehearsal, I thought I would be sufficiently tired and capable of sleep. However, although physically tired, I simply stayed awake, becoming increasingly frustrated at my inability to sleep. I wonder if the tea that Ian provided was caffeinated, but since then, sleeping any time before 1:30 has been an impossibility. Oh well... more quality guinea pig time with Athena and Saffron, because they don't really have a regular sleep schedule anyway.

Now that Sarah and J are mostly plague free, I finally had the opportunity to make some spicy falafel. I really should make it more frequently, but I find it's difficult to garner the motivation necessary to prepare it, and many other dishes, when I'm cooking it just for myself. Instead of falafel, let's call them crunch patties... and what I call tahini can now be referred to as flavor sauce.

Excluding the relatively high cost of living and the questionably potable water, Davis is a satisfying place to live. However, being a hippie college town, a considerable portion of the population is temporary and nomadic. Fortunately, I still have some friends that live in Davis, and even more that live nearby. Although not on the scale of most Potluck Fridays, when I don't have work meetings, I have a similar Monday event with some of my Davis friends. Last Monday's theme was food to celebrate Black History Month, which sort of devolved into Stereotype Dinner Theater, complete with collard greens, fried chicken, co'nbread, and my personal favorite: grape soda. I was waiting for Aunt Jemima to show up with a watermelon and a bottle of malt liquor.

Tired of strippers that don't take it all off when they perform? Well, one of the sex workers Kaliri and I interviewed last week doesn't have that problem. In fact, she'll take off way more than most. She was born in the Ukraine and lived there until an accident forced her family to relocate: the Chernobyl incident. As a result to radiation, she lost part of her leg and a few fingers. However, in the true spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, she wasn't about to let her prosthetic interfere with her career in the adult entertainment industry. In fact, she has a few extremely loyal customers that come not only to see her remove her clothes, but yes, her prosthetic as well; it's almost like she's stripped down to the bone.

Exciting adventures await on the horizon: the celebration of Erin S. and her belated birthday tonight, Mandy's baby shower next weekend, and I'll likely see my friend Randy tomorrow, as he's in Davis to see one of the UC Davis theater productions. So, on that note, and because I'll save future randomness for another time, I think I'll be departing.
Feb. 5th, 2009 @ 01:35 pm Metaphors Gone Wild
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It's update time... and while update time may lack the ostentatious production values and kitschy musical montages of Cookie Time, it poses no threat to diabetics.

Actually, update time should be chastised for its lack of punctuality. I had intended to submit another journal entry earlier in the week, but I've struggled to find the motivation to do so, not necessarily as a result of feeling disaffected, but rather as a result of being easily distracted. Because of the nature of the updates, and because chronological, linear progression becomes so blasé and tedious after awhile, I'll just put forth some noteworthy morsels in no particular order.

As anticipated, the formal Potluck Friday in celebration of Luci and D was a glorious and memorable affair; I should had acquired a monocle and top hat to punctuate the formal affair to its maximum potential, much like the Monopoly man. Interestingly, the week that Luci and D were here, I probably interacted with them less than I would during a conventional week, albeit the phenomenal nature of in-person interaction more than compensates for the lack of quantity. Fortunately, although I was highly intoxicated that Potluck Friday as a result of J's suspiciously potent beverage, I remember the entire event.

Speaking of Luci and D, I received the "save the date" card yesterday... it will be exciting not only to see them during their union, but I've never been on the East Coast before. Although slightly inappropriate for some, I was slightly disappointed that the picture on the card didn't feature any brain munching or similar fruitcake moments. Then again, there probably are hundreds of pictures featuring that already.

Athena and Saffron have been highly vocal recently, which I appreciate, although I wonder if it's just because they want attention and treats, or if they have a need which isn't being fulfilled. I'm assuming it's the former, as the only unpleasant condition they are currently enduring is the fact that their nails still aren't trimmed. I called Arkham Katie recently, but I have yet to hear back from her. I should call her again just to see how she's doing, along with a number of other friends with whom I have not spoken in the recent past. I've been a slacker with some people in terms of regular communication, but not to any tragic degree.

The week before last, my work schedule sucked, consisting of multiple days of lengthy work hours. I had two meetings, the second of which ended at 11:15 at night, which made my work day start at 7:30 and end at 11:15 -- fortunately, I had a break from 4:00 to 7:00, but it was still barely tolerable. At least the meetings were somewhat useful.

However, I convinced my supervisor at my campus job that I would be more efficient and effective with a slightly modified schedule, and she agreed to allow me to execute it for the month of February. Instead of a well-reasoned and diplomatic proposal, I really should had just gone up to the supervisor Kelly style and said this schedule rules... this schedule sucks! Oh well, next time, I suppose. Basically, I've eliminated some of the earliest hours in exchange for some hours I can do from home late at night when I should be sleeping but can't anyway because my body is incapable of sleeping any time before midnight. Ultimately, I'm working the same number of hours, but the flexibility makes it much more accommodating and tolerable. Plus, fewer hours with the catatonic campus coworkers and approximately the same number of hours with Kaliri... so I approve.

Speaking of the research job, there have been a few memorable interviews, for which the transcripts and ultimate analysis will be interesting... mainly because it might be challenging to use some of the content in a legitimate academic sense.

There was an independent higher-end escort that came in for an interview. I expected her to come alone, for purposes of confidentiality, but she instead came with two other women and went through the entire interview with them. Initially, I was surprised, but she later explained that she takes part of the money she makes from her clients and pays these other two women, who are considerably less attractive, to follow her around so that she's far more attractive by comparison, and thusly more desirable to potential clients. Not only do I have to applaud her for her zealous commitment to narcissism, but the fact that she's incorporated it into a viable business. It makes me wonder if I should get some unattractive friends... or at least lock up all the attractive people in a prison to eliminate the competition. Somehow, in my mind, such a prison would end up resembling this campy 80s music video.

Finally, an intellectual exercise in the dangers of when metaphors turn literal. There was a sex worker who came in yesterday for an interview. Normally most of them speak English, and for those that do not, the majority of the others either speak Spanish or Russian, both of which are covered amidst the coworkers. However, the one that came in yesterday was from Denmark. Fortunately, Kaliri, whose father is from Greenland, which is a territory of Denmark, speaks Danish (as well as English, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Greenlandic). So, we both conducted the interview, which isn't too uncommon except for her role as translator. Anyway, we get to asking about the nature of her work and she starts discussing her specialty... at which time there's a dramatic pause because Kaliri thinks that she's misheard the prostitute. After about five minutes of clarification, I'm informed that the sex worker heard the vagina referred to as a pink taco... and no taco is complete without hot sauce. So, she would fill herself with some cheese, lettuce, spiced meat, and of course, hot sauce. That is, until one day, one of her clients brought an extra hot hot sauce... which not only burned, but actually caused blisters and internal damage. So... her policy now is nothing more intense than Del Scorcho.

And so, on that pleasant note, I now must depart and return to being productive elsewhere.
Jan. 23rd, 2009 @ 12:44 pm Diplomacy
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It has been a glorious and eventful week, and although I find myself unaffected by a considerable portion of its content, I still find myself in a more fulfilled space, so I qualify it as a win.

Luci and D arrived in California on Saturday evening, and in order to facilitate people visiting from out of town, everyone collected at my place for a Sunday dinner and celebration. That is, everyone accept J, who was still tragically sick; I suppose my disease cleansing totems have a radius insufficient to reach him at his home. It was phenomenal reconnecting with them and seeing everyone once again. Unsurprisingly, Thai food was the cuisine of choice from D, and a delectable dinner was had at Sophia's, and without the usual agonizing wait to be seated. Then again, having dinner as early as we did on a three-day weekend probably did mitigate our run-ins with limited seating. As an aside, I'm highly entertained by what appears to be a bare chested woman in the background of the Thai iced tea picture on the wiki page. Plus, I noticed that this restaurant also has a Myspace page... that's so trendy it almost makes me want to vomit in terror.

Anyway, we returned back to my place for more wacky shenanigans and whimsical socialization. Athena and Saffron joined in on the fun, being passed around to interested parties for petting like a hirsute gnome prostitute. As both of them are woefully overdue for a nail trimming as I lack the dexterity and constitution to do myself without the fear of blood, Luci generously offered to try to trim their nails. She was successful with the first two nails on Athena, but not so much on the third, which resulted in a disturbing amount of blood. What was even more unfortunate about the experience is that Luci didn't have a towel underneath Athena, and so the blood quickly made its way to her pants. Although most people prefer Luci without pants, I still felt exceptionally guilty for the event, especially since she was so generous in offering to cut the nails. Hopefully the blood stains can be removed, but if not, I recommend taking an objectifying photo of Luci's crotch while wearing these pants and using it for the It Was Blood! album cover, which hopefully will also include a revamped Goldfish cracker song and a goth remake of Jizz In My Pants.

Fortunately, I had Monday off of work, and I had requested Tuesday offer in anticipation of recovering from the Deathguild event scheduled for Monday night. Sadly, maladies spread to virtually everyone on Monday, whether it be illness, revisiting injuries, or other obstacles, as I think only D, Lilly, and I were healthy enough to go to Deathguild that evening. As such, it was understandably canceled. Although disappointing because it meant one less experience with Luci and D while they visit, at least it meant that I could attend to some disgustingly neglected errands with relative ease. Plus, I could also indulge in more relaxation time and quality guinea pig time without any hindrances. Still, all these unrelenting illnesses are poorly timed... if anything, I'd prefer to be sick when either nothing pleasant was happening or when I would be forced to be around people to whom I would feel indifferent if they were infected. Perhaps it's because I'm slightly sadistic, but I would be tempted to lick all the doorknobs of my campus coworkers and roll around on their desks spreading the germs everywhere. Excluding Kaliri of course, as I'd be more inclined to lick her than her doorknob, though I doubt that would really decrease the likelihood for infection.

Anyway, I watched the majority of the Obama inauguration events on the internet, and while I realize the profound historical gravity of the situation, and while I find his words encouraging, I noticed that I wasn't emotionally affected at all by the entire experience. I find identity politics to be superficial and cringe-worthy at times, as I'm more inclined to appreciate someone based on what they will do rather than who they are, but even so, I'm sure his presidency will bring about far more palatable changes than the Bush administration did. This is already demonstrated by the scheduled closing of terrorist prison camps and the actual banning of torture interrogation methods. Really, I don't think it's an accumulation of layers of filthy residue from the last eight years of a substandard executive branch, but rather the fact that I'm an extremely rational person not easily drawn into the emotional upheaval of things. It was at this time that my appreciation for Data increased even more; however, if I ever created a daughter, I'd give her much better hair. Lal's hair really was unforgivable -- I'd self-destruct too after seeing myself in the mirror. Furthermore, Tasha Yar isn't really my type, not that I necessarily have a type, but I digress.

Otherwise, events have been pleasant. I'm certainly looking forward to the fancy feast Potluck Friday, which, despite its name, should not contain any upper-class cat food. Interestingly, word of the research project made its way to a church group in Sacramento somewhere, and as such, I was contacted by the church group to ask if they would be permitted to put some pamphlets in the office promoting their church and salvation from the evils of carnal embrace. As they were more interested in proselytizing than engaging in a dialogue, it took me at least twenty minutes to explain that doing so would not only create a hostile or judgmental environment for prospective research subjects, but the aim of the research project is to acquire information about the effects of their work rather than to change their behaviors. Becoming increasingly detached from the conversation as it prolonged, I told the church group, that placing fundamentalist anti-sex propaganda in a location with a heavy population of sex workers would be like having a steak house in Thunder Bluff. I figured that I might as well entertain myself, as my diplomatic methods weren't effective. Well, on that note, I think I'll end this entry.
Jan. 17th, 2009 @ 01:01 pm Stimulation And Motivation
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I realize that a journal entry is overdue, and the main reason for the lack of updating is that I've either lacked the energy or the motivation. However, now that I'm finally feeling invigorated and inclined, it's time to remedy this absence.

Although I doubt I will ever become accustomed to working at 7:30 in the morning, simply because it's contrary to my natural body rhythms, I found it exceptionally difficult to adjust these last few weeks. The primary reason being that I only had to do so infrequently during most of Winter Break, whereas I was required to do so consistently thereafter. Regardless, I'm looking forward to only working two days this upcoming week, as I requested time off to participate in the glorious celebrations planned for Luci and D's visit to California.

As for motivation, I'm sure that it's somewhat interwoven with a lack of quality sleep and physical energy; however, I find that motivation often takes a brief dip during the beginning of the year. Despite my many random daily adventures and interactions, and the provocative content of my work, it's difficult for consistency not to transform itself into something mundane and completely anticipated. When contrasted with all the promises of a new year and a sea of resolutions, whether arbitrary or not, consistency seems highly unappealing. Then again, I think it would be highly inaccurate to describe my life as expected or mundane, even if I may occasionally participate in routine activities.

Given that I've procrastinated on a variety of chores and other domestic obligations, it's difficult to get excited about cleaning the house; however, by necessity, I will be channeling my inner-Martha Stewart. If only I had one of those self-cleaning houses like the Simpsons had in Cypress Creek; then I could start drinking a glass of wine a day, hopefully while ominous music plays in the background.

I finally moved into my new office for work at my campus job, and it is exponentially superior to the old office, both in terms of space and in terms of socialization. It is adjacent to the office shared by most of my under-socialized coworkers for purposes of efficiency, but my actual office is only shared with Kaliri, the coworker with a personality. Since I'm still required to interact with the other coworkers on a regular basis, I still find ways to entertain myself and attempt to provoke an emotional response out of them. There is a cat which regularly loiters near the office on campus, and I've been attempting to lure it inside and have it leave "coal" in their stockings. Perhaps if I started putting sand on their desks, my goals would be fulfilled.

The weather has been phenomenal recently, especially for January. Despite the potential catastrophic consequences of global climate destabilization, if this warm weather is one of the effects, I might have to invest in an aerosol can company and perhaps a cattle ranch just for the methane output. Sadly, I've been forced to be inside for work for a majority of the weather, but I've made sure to go outside for breaks and lunches. A few days ago, Kaliri and I walked to the ASPCA thrift store and I found a jacket which would be quite appropriate for the upcoming Potluck Friday, so that's a plus.

This week should be awesome: a shindig at my place on Sunday to celebrate D and Luci's arrival and for those people who can't make any of the weekday events. Therefore, if you're in Davis and want to visit, please come. Athena and Saffron have even decided to decorate their home in anticipation of the festivities. Furthermore, Deathguild should be highly entertaining as it tends to be, and it's been awhile since we've had an organized Potluck Friday.

I'm sure there's more to discuss, but I've rambled for far longer than I should, especially given all that I need to accomplish today.